How To Be A Well Groomed Man

How To Be A Well Groomed Man

Men are only supposed to wash their face before leaving the house. Well, we respectfully disagree. There are some things that a man needs to do in order to look presentable and handsome before they decide to leave the house to attend a party of a gathering.

A well groomed man is someone who would look presentable and desirable in front of people. Here are some of the tips men could use in order to look well groomed and presentable.

1. Take Care of Your Lips.

Men usually don’t really care about their lips, it is one of the most essential things that not only men but also women needs to take care of when it comes to being well groomed.

Early in the morning, after brushing your teeth, rinse off the toothbrush nicely and use that toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. Do this for about 15-20 seconds, this would remove all the dead skin from your lips and make your lips smooth and presentable. Make sure to use a chapstick to keep it moist and smooth.

2. Get A Proper Haircut.

The most important thing that one notices in a man is his haircut. In order to look presentable and well-groomed, make sure to have a proper haircut, which would suit your face and the overall look.

Once you are done getting a good haircut, make sure to keep the haircut intact and presentable with wither gel or a hair spray.

3. Take Care of Your Smile.

Yellow teeth is one of the biggest turn off in a guy. Who would like to be around a guy whose teeth looks like gold? Make sure to take care of your smile because that is the one of the first things that people notices when they interact with you.

Ensure a trip to your dentist once every 6 months. Brush your teeth regularly, twice everyday and make sure to keep your teeth white and clean.

4.   Style Your Hair.

A well groomed man knows how to style his hair. Manage your hair on a windy day if you want to stay presentable, you can do that by either applying gel on your hair or applying some of the high quality hair spray.

If you don’t know how to style your hair, make regular trips to the salon to style your hair. Use YouTube tutorials to know how to keep your hair in style.

5.   Quick Mirror Check.

One of the best things you can do is to keep a small mirror in your pocket or your wallet. Keep a quick mirror check on how you look. If you tend to stay outdoor a lot, keep a check on your car mirrors. Make sure your hair is styled, your face isn’t oily and your lips are smooth.

6.   Groom Your Eyebrows.

Men assume that making eyebrows to perfection is something that only women would do. Well, men nowadays disagree. It is important to remove excess hair from your face and body which would make you look less presentable.

7.   Take Care of Your Skin.

Taking care of their skin and face isn’t restricted to women only. Men needs to make sure to take care of their skin. Follow a good skin care routine, keep your face oil free and moisturized at all time. Wash your face several times in a day with a suitable face wash for your skin.

8.   Trim Your Beard.

Make sure to keep your beard trimmed and shaped at all time to give a good look. Being presentable is about looking good and well-groomed. Trim your beard as per your face style and slay your look.

9.   Clip Your Nails.

Having clipped and clean nails is hygienic and people who are well-groomed needs to take care of that.

10.  Shower.

A well-groomed man needs to take a shower at least once every day to stay clean and presentable. Along with the above tips of personal grooming for men, one should also dress up in a suitable outfit for a particular occasion. Being nicely dressed up is a plus point. Give time to yourself search internet for suitable clothing and see what is trending. As there are various sites like hollywood jacket who display trending products and follow the continuously changing fashion.

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