4 Things You Should Know About Bernedoodle

4 Things You Should Know About Bernedoodle

Bernedoodle is a very famous and most loved breed of dogs. Bernedoodle is the crossbreed of two breeds i.e. Bernese mountain dog and poodle dog. Bernedoodle is a very friendly and loyal dog. If you are a dog lover and want to have a dog around you then Bernedoodle is one perfect dog for you. These dogs love to spend time with families and are very attached to kids. 

There are a few very interesting facts about Bernedoodle dogs that you need to know. I am listing down 4 interesting facts. Let’s have a look at them. 


Let me tell you a few important things about the Bernedoodle appearance. In case you are looking to buy a Bernedoodle dog, some hints can help you in judging the right breed. 

  • These are small fluffy dogs with curly hair or wavy hair on the whole body. These dogs are non-shedding dogs and that’s why people love to keep them as a pet. It is said that they have adopted this quality from poodle dogs. 
  • These dogs come in three different colors, black, brown and white. You can also find twin and triple colors dogs. Like black and white, white and brown, or black, white or brown dogs. 
  • They are small-sized dogs who can easily travel with you even in the baby cot. Standard sized Bernedoodle dogs are almost 23 – 29 inches in length. 
  • The standard weight of Bernedoodle is 70-90 pounds only. 

Most Loyal And Friendly Dogs

Most Loyal And Friendly Dogs

Bernedoodle is considered among one of the most loyal and friendly breeds of dogs. They love to play around all the family members and they are not shy at all. They are also known as best temperament dogs as they are a combination of two best breeds. That combination makes them very responsive and efficient. 


Bernedoodle dogs are very efficient and intelligent dogs. They learn things very quickly. It is not hard to train these dogs. Once you have brought them home, they will automatically start following your instructions. It is said that they have inherited this habit from a poodle dog. One drawback of their intelligence is that they can adopt bad habits as easily as good ones. So you need to be very careful while training them. I am suggesting to keep you a strict eye over their actions. 


You need to be very careful about the diet of the Bernedoodle dog. They have a little complicated diet plan. As these dogs come in different sizes and shapes, they have a strict diet plan to follow. Bernedoodle dogs can eat anything, anytime that’s why they need special care. Small dogs need a very little amount of food a day, whereas the larger one has different diet schedules respectively. Just remember one thing that avoids giving a high protein diet to these dogs. As protein is harmful to their coat. That’s why avoid giving liver to them. Whereas You can use a low protein diet like milk, cheese, and chicken. 

So, guys, that’s a wrap. I hope the above information is helpful to you all.

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