I&S Services

Our website provides a large number of facilities.This can helps you to save/protect your data and responses in a quick second.You save all information about your school and faculty members.This provides the facility of ATTADNCE, EXAMS GRADING, ONLINE RESULTS FEE MANAGEMENT, ACCOUNTS.

  • 1.Online result
    2. Attendance
    4. Access data in single click
    5. Fuculty information

  • Our website is not only develop for a single school , it is developed for all campus of school .If a school have more then one schools and a set of branches they can easily managed their data by sitting in one location. he can see online attendance,student data ,student result and attendance of faculties members in dailly basis.

    So it is also easy for student and teachers who can intract with the school.Teachers can easily upload the student result and attendance ,and student can see his/her informatio on the website.